Do you walk the dogs off-leash?
All dogs are walked on a leash at all times around the owners neighbourhood. We have found that, on occasion, the leash free areas can be unpredictable and feel a leashed walk is often a safer alternative. (If you feel strongly about having your dog taken to an off leash area we are happy to oblige; however, it is not our policy to visit these parks).

Do we give you a key to our house?
Yes. In order for us to take your dog out or come and puppy/cat sit for you, we will require a house key from you. We are bonded and insured and appreciate your pet an your home are often your most prized possessions – we treat both as such. Earning and maintaining your trust is essential to the strength of our business.
Are all the dog walks 60 minutes?

No, not all the dog walks are 60 minutes in length. You know your dogs habits and preferences – we will gladly go for long walks, or shorten the walks for play time. We always meet with your family and your dog before we begin working with you to listen to what your specific expectations and needs are.
What is your payment policy?

All our invoicing is done online. You will receive an invoice on the 15th and 30/31st of each month. All monies are due upon receipt of invoice and can be paid online with Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, cheque or e-transfer.
What is your cancellation policy?

We request that you try and cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment. All cancellations within 5 hours of your scheduled walk will be subject to a 50% visit charge.
What happens if the weather is really bad?

This is a common question in our Canadian climate! We always ask the owners what they would like for us to do in case of rain/thunderstorms or really hot weather. If the weather offices are posting severe weather conditions, our regularly scheduled walks will be cancelled to ensure the safety of your pet and our walkers. In the event of any of these conditions, dogs will be taken out long enough to relieve themselves – the remainder of the visit will be spent indoors cuddling, playing and having fun!
What happens if my dog walker or sitter is sick or away on vacation?

If your dog walker or sitter is sick or away on vacation, we arrange for another one of our professional dog walkers to fill in. Of course, we always let you know in advance if your regular dog walker is unavailable!